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Unfortunately, there are times when a pregnancy poses higher risks for the mom and the baby. It may be something like a woman’s age, her overall health when becoming pregnant, or conditions that begin after pregnancy starts such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. For those ladies and the babies that depend on them, there are specialists available that promise if you contact them, you will receive exceptional high risk prenatal care Singapore.
Pregnancy Risks for Babies
Sadly, pregnancy can be a scary time for moms. Having multiple babies at one time, preterm labor, etc. are clear indications of what can happen to make you a higher risk than normal. There are also times when a baby isn’t growing properly, which can pose a significant risk for them. Maybe they are just meant to be small or maybe there is something else going on.

Either way, your doctor can perform tests to make sure that everything looks great for your unborn baby. They can perform fetal anomaly screenings, what may be restricting their growth, amniocentesis to look for medical concerns, etc. If there is a problem that is detected, this does not mean your pregnancy is going to go bad. It just means that your baby may need fetal therapy, which for a specialist like ours, is something we are very skilled in.
Your Body and a High-Risk Pregnancy
Every woman’s body goes through numerous changes when pregnant. Most are absolutely normal. Others are less common and quite scary. For instance, if you are dealing with placenta previa or placenta accrete, it means that the placenta is covering your cervix or too deep in the uterine wall. Both can be serious health concerns for you. Luckily, your doctor can help you get through it and come out the other side with a healthy baby in many cases.
Contact Us for an Appointment
Exceptional prenatal care Singapore is within your reach. If you or your doctor has concerns about how your pregnancy is going, you can contact us to ensure you get the care that you need and your baby deserves. We are always accessible through phone and waiting to help out women, even those that are not pregnant but still have concerns about their overall female health. Are you ready to get the peace of mind you need?

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